What’s the Best Way to Enjoy Your Marijuana?

Hey Cannabuddies! Today we’re going to explore the amazing world of enjoying marijuana. Just like choosing between a scooter or a bike for a fun ride, there are many ways to enjoy marijuana too. Let’s find out which one might be the best for you!



1. Rolling a Joint:

Think about a joint like a handcrafted paper airplane. You need skill and practice to make it fly right.

Pros: Rolling a joint is like art. You can feel proud of your creation and then share it with friends. It’s also portable, like a little magic wand you can take anywhere.

Cons: But wait, you need time and practice to roll it nicely, and if it’s windy or rainy, it can be as tricky as flying a kite in a storm. Also, it can be smoky and make you cough.


2. Using a Pipe:

Imagine a pipe as your trusty pocket toy. Small, colourful, and ready for action.

Pros: It’s super quick to use—just pack it, light it, and you’re off to the races. Plus, it’s like a trusty friend that’s always there in your pocket or bag.

Cons: But, oh boy, it can make your throat feel scratchy like a cat’s tongue. And you have to clean it, which can be like picking up your toys, not the most fun job.


3. Puffing from a Bong:

A bong is like a mini submarine for your marijuana smoke. It bubbles and looks cool.

Pros: The water in the bong is like a swimming pool that cools down the smoke so it doesn’t feel too hot in your mouth.

Cons: Bongs are usually big and bulky, like carrying around a trophy everywhere. And if you don’t clean it, it can get icky like a fishbowl that needs scrubbing.


4. Munching on Edibles:

Edibles are treats with a special ingredient. They can be gummies, chocolates, or cookies.

Pros: They’re yummy and don’t make any smoke. The fun can last a lot longer, kind of like the difference between a quick race and a long game of hide and seek.

Cons: It’s not always easy to guess how strong they are. It’s like pouring syrup on pancakes, too much and it can get messy. And you have to wait for it to work, like waiting for your favorite cartoon to start.


5. Sipping on Tinctures:

Tinctures are little drops of liquid that you can put under your tongue.

Pros: It’s like having a secret potion. A few drops and you can be on your way, with no smoke and no waiting like with edibles.

Cons: The taste can be strong and surprising, kind of like trying a new food for the first time, and not everyone likes it.


6. Vaping with a Pen:

Vaping is like having a magic marker that you can puff.

Pros: It’s smooth and smells way less than a joint, so it’s like having a secret up your sleeve.

Cons: But, the pens need charging, like your toys do, and sometimes they can break, which is a bummer.


7. Dabbing with Concentrates:

Dabbing is for the pros. It’s like riding the biggest slide at the water park.

Pros: It’s super strong and fast, so a tiny bit goes a long way.

Cons: But it’s not so simple. You need special tools, and it can be too much if you’re not careful, like eating too much candy at once.


8. Applying Topicals:

Topicals are creams and balms you rub on your skin.

Pros: It’s easy like putting on sunscreen and doesn’t affect your head, so you can still do all your normal stuff.

Cons: But you won’t get the high you might be looking for, like when you’re hoping for a toy but get clothes for your birthday instead.


9. Using Transdermal Patches:

Think of patches like a sticker that gives you a steady fun feeling.

Pros: You stick it on and forget about it. It’s easy and lasts a long time.

Cons: It can be slow to start, like waiting for your turn on the swing, and sometimes it’s hard to find your perfect fun level. Also hard to find!


10. Smoking with a Hookah:

Smoking with a hookah is like having a tea party, but for grown-ups.

Pros: It’s a fancy way to enjoy marijuana with friends, passing around the hose like sharing a delicious cake.

Cons: It takes time to set up, like building a big puzzle, and cleaning it afterwards is a big job.


11. Taking a Hit from a Gravity Bong:

A gravity bong is like a cool science experiment.

Pros: It’s fun to watch, as the water falls down the chamber and the smoke bubbles up, it’s like making your own volcano. And it gives you a big puff, like blowing up a giant balloon with just one breath.

Cons: But it’s not so easy to do, you need a bucket and water and it can be messy, like when you paint but get more on the table than on the paper.


12. Sipping Marijuana Beverages:

Marijuana drinks are like a special soda.

Pros: You can sip it like juice, and it comes in many flavours, sweet or tangy. It’s fun to try different kinds, like tasting all the different ice cream flavours at the shop.

Cons: But just like edibles, it can be hard to know how much to drink, and you have to wait to feel the fun, like waiting for your popsicle to freeze.



Exploring different methods of marijuana consumption is an adventure, much like trying out different hobbies to see which one you love. Each method has its unique charms and challenges. Whether you prefer the swift simplicity of a vape pen, the slow enjoyment of an edible, or the shared experience of a beautifully rolled joint, it’s important to approach each method with respect and understanding of its power.

In conclusion, the best consumption method depends on what’s important to you. Some value convenience, others enjoy the ritual, and some are looking for a particular kind of experience. As a 30-year cannabis connoisseur, I’d recommend starting with simpler methods like vaporizers or edibles and then experimenting with others as you become more comfortable. Always remember, the aim is to enhance your life with these experiences, and finding the method that suits you is just part of the journey. Enjoy the process, and consume responsibly!